Although most race car plumbing are not laid out as simple as this diagram, Earl's Performance Plumbing's extensive array of hose end fittings, bulkhead, tee's and adapters can make it almost this easy. 
Once the hose sizes have been determined (flow required, length of runs, engine builders recommendations, etc.), simply locate your components, the angles of the hose end fittings needed (straight, 45, 90, 120, 150 or 1800), plus any adapters, and upgrading your oil system to a professional Earl's system is finished. 
Earl's Performance Plumbing is available in a number of configurations, including low height swivel seal and special hose ends for direct attachment specifications.
Earl's performance hose is sold by the 1" increments (1 foot).

earl's performance plumbing dry sump oil system design

By following a similar procedure, your brake or fuel systems can also be upgraded to Earl's Performance Plumbing, known around the world as the racer's problem solver for fluid control. Send us your diagram and let our system knowledge help you plumb with the best!


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