August 1944


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Paris August 25, 1944



Citizen Soldier
T/4 Kenneth V Averill
4th Infantry Division
4th Signal
Assigned to the 12th Infantry Regiment 
for the Liberation of Paris
for this photo taken
August, 24-25, 1944

WW2 liberation of Paris aug, 25, 1944, photo from ap newpapers in the us 1944 and US Army paper Yank, 4th ID, 4th Signal, attached to the 12th Army for the liberation of Paris battle of the bulge surrender of germany 1945


This photograph appeared in various Associated Press affiliated US newspapers
and the military publication Yank (Sept22) 1944.

I am interested in knowing
the Exact location in Paris of this photograph
Anything in the background look familiar?

Please send any information to,

Thank you


Order of Battle

D-Day, Utah beach, Break-out, Liberation of Paris
Battle of the Bulge

Bronze Star (D-Day)
Bronze Arrow Head
Five Battle Stars